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Bangkok: Rembrandt – A noisy room with funny fruits

by Sanne
Rembrandt Serviced Apartments in Bangkok

Post from my old blog about a Bangkok trip in 2013

In Bangkok I stayed at Rembrandt Towers Serviced Apartments (not to be confused with Rembrandt Hotel next door). A former colleague of mine had recommended the place and I was really excited to see, how it was. Unfortunately, the first impression was rather disappointing since the front desk chose to give me a room just below a floor, where some serious and very noisy renovation was taking place.

I don’t know what they were thinking. They could see that I came directly from the airport, jetlagged, after a long flight. How could they possibly think that a room with construction noise, drilling and hammering was what I needed?

First I called the reception to complain, but the noise was so loud that they couldn’t hear what I was saying. I therefore went down to reception to complain and got the rather strange answer that they thought it was ok, since the noise was only during daytime (!). I was then offered a larger apartment (on the same floor, with the same noise) as compensation, which did not make things better since 1) I was traveling alone and 2) I had a lot of work to do, so I didn’t need anything else than a desk and a bed.

After much talk back and forth I finally got another room and a refund for the first night. I also got a fruit bowl with a lot of funny fruits, including some small ugly ones, with a fish-eye-like texture (they turned out to be really delicious).

The new room was nice with a huge, comfortable bed. It also had a fridge and an ironing board as well as other amenities. The neighborhood is one of the least sleazy ones along this part of Sukhumvit Road, with plenty of good restaurants and a Skytrain station within walking distance. I therefore wouldn’t hesitate to book a room at Rembrandt Towers in the future, but I’ll remember to be extra careful to emphasize that I prefer a room without construction noise:)

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