Bangkok: Hoy Tod Chao Lay – Pad Thai and Oyster omelet

by Sanne

Hoy Tod Chao Lay is a street kitchen/restaurant close to Thong Lo BTS Station. I went there to check out their pad thai, which is wrapped in a crispy shell of fried egg and which, according to themselves and CNN, is supposed to be the 5th best in the world.

Thai Oyster omelet, hoy tod, is another signature dish at Hoy Tod Chao Lay, but I don’t like warm oysters, so hoy tod wasn’t a part of my plan. That is, until I saw the big, ice-chilled tray with seafood outside the restaurant. Should I? would I? could I? Yes, please!

I had the soft hoy tod with barely cooked eggs and semi-raw oysters. This is how it’s supposed to be, and how most of the other diners at Hoy Tod Chao Lay had their hoy tod. With a little seasoning, it was really tasty, but next time, I think I’ll go for the firmer version.  Did I say next time? Yes! If warm oysters are an acquired taste, then I think I’ve finally acquired it.

The pad thai was also nice. It was wrapped in a crispy shell of fried egg, and it wasn’t as oily as some pad thais can be. Though, I overdid the condiments a bit, so I had to dig through a pile of bean sprouts to get to it, but there’s no doubt this was one of the better pad thais, I’ve had.

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