Food in Kenya – What’s for dinner?

by Sanne
Fried rice with cabbage, Kenya food

Before I came to Kenya, I didn’t have the slightest idea about what people in this part of the world were having for dinner, but after almost a week in the country, with three daily doses of Kenyan food culture, I have already got a fairly good impression of what makes a traditional Kenyan meal.

The food is served buffet style in the dining hall for the hospital’s employees. The breakfast is often toast and a fruit, an egg or a sausage. Big jugs containing hot milk mixed with water are placed on the tables, so you can make your own delicious no-frills chai latte.

Both the lunch and the supper is hot, and often very solid meals with a lot of starch from either maize flour or potatoes.  The stews are surprisingly tasty and often contain different kinds of beans or lentils. Such a hearty meal makes sure you do not go to bed hungry, or  wake up hungry the following morning for that sake..

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