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Fort Lauderdale: Christmas Brunch at Ruth’s Chris

by Sanne
Ribeye steak at Ruth's Chris, Fort Lauderdale

We ended up having Christmas dinner at Ruth’s Chris, which is a chain of old school steak restaurants. I’ve previously dined at Ruth’s Chris in Dubai and Atlanta, and I’ve always been happy with the steaks, which are all USDA prime, and the service, which is always prime too.

The Ruth’s Chris’ restaurants are divided into a bar area (with a big TV showing sports) and a dining room more suitable for date-nighters. I don’t mind dining in the bar, and yesterday, we didn’t have a choice, because the restaurant was fully booked, and we came without a reservation.

I had a giant ribeye steak but Poul wasn’t very hungry, so he just ordered a small filet with lobster tails. It caused some confusion when the food was brought in, because apparently, Poul looked more like a ribeye Terminator and I looked like a filet mignon girl. Well, little did they know about my appetite. Sometimes Poul and I joke that I should be making Mukbang videos, you know, the videos with Korean girls, who eat huge piles of food, ha ha.

Dining out on holidays sometimes makes me uncomfortable, because I can’t help thinking that the staff would probably prefer to be at home with their family. Though if that was the case for the staff members at Ruth’s Chris, they hid it well, and their warm, friendly service made it easy to believe that they also had a really good time.

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