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Fort Lauderdale: Flying in Florida

by Sanne

I joined Poul on his layover in Fort Lauderdale, and one of the days we rented a small Cessna and went for sightseeing along Florida’s coast. None of us have a valid certificate for small piston engine airplanes, so we went up with an instructor. It turned out to be a really good idea, because then we had our hands free to take photos and videos of the beautiful flight.

We started out flying along the coastline parallel to Las Olas Boulevard, and I spotted the Ritz-Carlton, where I stayed the last time I was in Fort Lauderdale. Then we flew down to Miami and saw Fisher Island and South Beach. I have only been to Miami twice, and both times were very short visits, but it is a city that I would love to know better. The combination of beach life and big city sounds just perfect to me, plus they have Joe’s Stone Crab, which, in addition to stone crab, makes the most delicious Key Lime Pie.  

We flew all the way down to the northern Florida Keys before it was time to turn around and fly back to Fort Lauderdale. I really like Florida, and I want to live in Fort Lauderdale when I get old, while Poul has his mind set on the Swiss Alps, so I guess we are in for a long-distance relationship, when we retire:)

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