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Miami Beach: Joe’s Stone Crab – Claws and Key Lime Pie

by Sanne
Joe's Stone Crab, Miami

Joe’s Stone Crab is a South Beach classic that we didn’t want to miss. I love crab, but I’ve never had stone crab before. In Denmark, the most common kind of crab at restaurants is brown crab, and while the stone crab claws actually looked a bit like brown crab claws, I found the flavor slightly sweeter and the claws bigger and more meaty.

We had a set consisting of 2 big claws, a lobster tail and a big lump of crab meat as well as a lobster roll on the side. So much delicious food! I had to pinch my arm to make sure I was awake and not in the middle of a seafood fairytale dream.

The staff were warm and friendly and greeted us as if we were regulars. Who knows, maybe they mistook us for someone else? Even though we were full, they strongly recommended that we also tried the key lime pie, and I’m happy that they insisted, because that was the most amazing key lime pie I’ve ever had. It was served chilled, so the zesty, tart lime pie almost tasted like gelato. If you visit Joe’s whatever you do, don’t miss the key lime pie.

We were at Joe’s for lunch, and even though the restaurant was empty, when we arrived, it filled up quickly, both indoors and outdoors, so a table reservation is probably a good idea if you consider going.

The restaurant is only open October to May, reflecting the stone crab season.

Joe’s Stone Crab, 11 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach, Tel: +1 (303) 673 0365

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