Fort Lauderdale: Taco Bell – Super Size Me

by Sanne
Fort Lauderdale, Taco Bell

Now I’m at the airport, waiting for my flight to Las Vegas. I woke up at 2:30 in the morning (thank you jetlag), and I wasn’t able to fall asleep again, so I called Poul, and we talked for more than an hour. There’s an 8-hour time difference between Dubai and Florida, and an 11-hour time difference between Dubai and Las Vegas, so I have to get up early to catch him anyway, before he goes to sleep.

Did I tell you about Taco Bell last night? They employee at the counter asked me, if I wanted a drink with my meal, and I said yes. Then she asked me what size, and I said that a small cup would be fine. She stared at me in disbelief and then showed me the cup. “You mean this one..ARE YOU SURE?” she said, eyebrows raised, and I nodded. I was perfectly fine with the “small” cup, which was the same size as a large cup in Denmark. Who said supersize me??

I also remember I read some reviews about an LA restaurant I had planned to dine at. People were complaining that the portions were very small, so when I went there, I ordered several different mains to make sure, I wouldn’t leave hungry. Turned out the dishes were significantly larger than at most restaurants in Denmark, so I had doggie-bag meals for several days..

I saw the sign below, when I was out walking in the neighborhood earlier today. I couldn’t help thinking what was hiding in there, behind the palm trees. This kind of jungle vegetation could hide anything from hungry alligators to shady drug cartels, right? Or maybe the owner of the property was just tired of people trespassing..

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