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Good Morning Singapore – A strange taxi ride

by Sanne
Orchard road, Singapore Blog

Good morning Singapore! Sorry for the rather uninspiring photos, but I went straight from the airport and to my hotel and I’ll need a couple of hours sleep before heading out in the city. The taxi ride was rather unusual. In the beginning, the driver was pleasant and polite, but then he started talking about how it was the government’s fault that he couldn’t find any other jobs before he started blaming the foreigners in Singapore.

People who blame foreigners for their own misery really annoy me, no matter where in the world I meet them, and I usually don’t mind discussing politics, but it was 4:am (Dubai time) in the morning and I was dead tired, so I really didn’t want to go into this. Though the taxi driver didn’t mind, he just kept on talking. I think he had decided I wasn’t one of the bad guys, because as we pulled over to the hotel, where I’m staying he said ”it’s the rich foreigners ruining it all for Singapore, but you’re not rich, I can see that. Then you wouldn’t have stayed at this hotel.” Ehh..ok, and good morning to you too:)

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