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Singapore: Spam fries and salmon crackling

by Sanne
Spam fries at Tap, Singapore

Spam (the canned meat, not the junk emails) never really made it big in Denmark, but in many Asian countries, spam got a big breakthrough after World War II.

South Korea is the country outside the US with the biggest Spam consumption, and if you are in Korea during fall or winter, a bowl of Army Stew, Budae Jigae, is a perfect way to keep warm on a cold day. In Okinawa, Japan, stir fried bitter melon with spam, Goya Chanpuru, is a popular dish and in Hong Kong, macaroni soup with Spam is a popular breakfast dish.

Last time I was in Singapore, Spam fries, was the hottest thing on the foodie radar, so when Poul and I met with my friend from university, Erik, and his wife Vera at Tap, of course we had to try that. I hate to say it, but the sodium and fat-filled, vitamin-depleted blob of meat is actually a great beer snack, and we finished all of it.

Later that afternoon, we went to the National Gallery. The purpose for our visit wasn’t the art, but the spectacular view from the bar Smoke & Mirrors, from where you can see Marina Bay Sands and many other of the city’s iconic buildings. We had drinks along with a snack of Salmon Fish Crackling with Salted Egg, so I think our quota for strange snacks was met that month:)

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