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Infused Water – My Favorite Recipes

Infused water with mango, mint and cucumber

I often find it hard to drink enough water during the day, but after I have started making infused water, it is much easier to stay hydrated. I usually prepare a bottle of water in the morning, and then I do a refill in the afternoon, just adding more water to the ingredients in the bottle.

How much water you need to drink during the day to stay hydrated depends on individual factors such as how active you are and how much fluid you get through your diet, but for me, around 2 liters is usually sufficient. To avoid infusing pesticide residues and other nasty stuff, it is important that you only use organic produce in your infused water. If you do not have organic fruit and vegetables at hand, remove the rind/skin.

While there is no doubt that staying hydrated comes with multiple benefits for your health, the detoxing properties of infused water have been questioned, since the actual intake of the ingredients added is too small to matter. There is thus no point in overthinking what you put in your infused water, and if you think ginger tastes like soap, don’t add it just because it is supposed to be healthy and detoxing. Instead, add whatever you like and have readily available, and see the infused water as a nice way to make water drinking tastier and more exciting.

Want some inspiration? Here are some of my favorite recipes:

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