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Phuket: Karon Beach after dark

by Sanne
Karon Beach, Thailand

After our dinner at Ying Restaurant, we went for a walk in the area. Down one of the side streets was a small market selling all the usual, touristy stuff. We quickly walked by the stalls with counterfeit bags and pen*s-shaped soaps, but stopped when we reached the ones with all the backpacker outfits.

When on holiday, mom goes full hippie and usually ends up filling her suitcase with colorful, tie-dyed dresses. If she hadn’t been so afraid of needles, I’m quite sure she would have wanted to get a tattoo or maybe even a nose piercing. This evening she fell in love with a pair of loose pants with elephant print, which she bought for only 200THB. They’re actually very nice, so I regret I didn’t also buy a pair.

Later on, dad wanted to go and grab a beer at one of the bars with live music (my dad loves beer and live music), but most of the bars with live music, were also of the sleazy kind with purple lighting, pole dancers and girls in very high heels and very short skirts, so mom refused to go in, because she didn’t want people to think that she was a prostitute. Not that there are a lot of 60-year-old Danish prostitutes in Thailand, but I get her point. Instead we found an open-air restaurant right across the street from a bar with a very good band. They were playing cover versions of AC/DC and even Scorpions and U2. I’m always impressed by how good some of the Thai bands are.

Compared to Patong Beach, the clientele in Karon Beach is older and most of the other tourists we spotted in the streets were my parents’ age or older, but that doesn’t mean that there’s no nightlife in Karon. As a matter of fact Karon Beach really seems like the place to be for senior travelers ready to get their groove on.

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