Las Vegas: Driving to Grand Canyon

by Sanne
Grand Canyon

If you want a break from the neon lights, rent a car and visit Grand Canyon. Kodak moments guaranteed. I had visited Grand Canyon earlier, but AC had never been there, so we decided to squeeze in a quick trip to this beautiful spot in our busy Vegas schedule.

Grand Canyon is a 5-hour drive from Las Vegas, so it is actually a bit too far for a one-day excursion. If you, on top of that, don’t leave Vegas before 11am, you are out for a very long ride, and this was how we spent our Thursday and most of the night before Friday…

When we arrived at South Rim (the southern edge of Grand Canyon), it was raining and a lot colder than the 40+°C, we had gotten used to in Vegas, so we were freezing in our flip flops and pool outfit, and we felt really inappropriately dressed among all the hiker guys.

Luckily, it stopped raining after a while and we had a great afternoon on the edges of this huge and fascinating hole in the ground.

Grand Canyon is more than 400km long, so we only saw a tiny bit of it. If we had more time, it would have been nice to explore it further, but no matter what, we were glad that we went, and it was definitely worth the long drive.

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