Las Vegas: Late dinner at Tao

Las Vegas: Late dinner at Tao

Tina was on another flight than me, so she didn’t arrive until late in the evening. To kick off our night out, Vegas-style, I had prepared a giant daiquiri from Fat Tuesday as a welcome drink for both of us. We both sipped on it while getting ready, but that drink is gigantic, and it seemed like it hardly went down at all! By the time we headed out to grab an Uber to Tao, we still had almost half of the drink left.

We had booked a table for late dinner at Tao, which is a true Vegas classic. The restaurant has a great party vibe, and on the menu, you’ll find a bunch of Asian-inspired small plate that are perfect for a night out. When we sat down, the kitchen was just about to close, so we quickly ordered the tuna tartare on crispy rice and a few other rolls. I had eaten at Best Friend earlier in the evening, and Tina wasn’t very hungry either, but last minute, we decided to also get the Lobster Wontons with Shiitake Ginger Broth. It turned out to be an amazing dish, and we immediately regretted that we only ordered one serving, but nothing to do about it, as the kitchen was closed. If you are dining at Tao, make sure to order thet Lobster Wontons.

After dinner, we went to the nightclub at Tao, which is right next door. If you’ve eaten at the restaurant, you don’t have to wait in line, which is a nice perk, and just like in New York, I think many people dine at Tao in Vegas to gain easier access to the nightclub.

Though in Vegas, I actually prefer the restaurant at Tao over the nightclub. Both places have the same party vibe, but at the restaurant, you can sit down and enjoy your well-crafted cocktails and talk with your friend, while at the nightclub, the music is loud, and you’ll have to stand up all night, unless you pay for a table.

Tao had a ladies’ night when we were there, so there were free drinks for the ladies – always a plus! Tina wanted to stay longer, but I convinced her to go to Hakkasan at MGM instead, and we stayed there until the early morning hours.

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