Dining in Las Vegas – An Introduction

Dining in Las Vegas, an introduction

When it comes to eating out in Las Vegas, you are spoilt with choice. Whether you’re into celebrity chef restaurants, giant buffets or gourmet burgers: You name it, Vegas got it! The dining opportunities usually reflects the overall standard of the casino, so you will find cheaper restaurants at cheaper casinos and vice versa.


The buffets in Las Vegas are usually great value for money, but the quality varies. I’ve tried some of the cheapest buffets and ended up leaving hungry, as the food was unappetizing and looked like it had been sitting around for hours. The more upscale buffets are also the most popular ones, and at dinner time there’s usually a long line outside, but be patient. The unlimited crab legs, chocolate fountains and prime rib is worth waiting for.
The lunch buffets are usually cheaper than the evening buffets and the selection of food is almost the same. It is also less crowded, so you don’t have to wait long to get seated. At most buffets, soft drinks are included but alcoholic beverages are purchased separately.  If you’re in Las Vegas on a weekend make sure to go for one of the boozy brunches on Saturday or Sunday.

Most buffets don’t have a dress code and especially at more low-key establishments, you’ll see people looking like they just rolled out of bed. At more upscale places, you are usually required to dress up.

How to get a table?

On weekdays and off season, getting a table at even the most popular restaurants in Las Vegas is usually not a problem, but Fridays and Saturdays are always busy, so if there’s a particular restaurant you want to dine at, make a booking in advance. On weekends throughout the summer, and on holidays throughout the year, a reservation is crucial, and if you’re looking at Friday or Saturday night, you might want to consider planning weeks in advance.

Cheap Eats

If you are on a budget or just looking for a quick bite, there are plenty of inexpensive fast food restaurants in Las Vegas. In fact I don’t think I can come up with any fast food chain, not represented in the city. There are no larger grocery stores on The Strip, but most pharmacies have deli sections selling frozen yogurts, salads and sandwiches. Storing larger amounts of food in your hotel room is usually not allowed, and also not recommended, as most rooms do not have a fridge.

Plan ahead

It can be difficult getting a cab late at night (when everybody’s looking for a cab), so I often try to have dinner at a restaurant inside the same resort as the nightclub or bar, where I want to continue the evening, is located. Book a table for a late dinner and proceed directly from the restaurant to the nightclub.

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