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Las Vegas: Tacos El Gordo – More popular than ever

by Sanne
Tacos El Gordo, Las Vegas

The Mexican chain Tacos El Gordo is super popular in Las Vegas, but for a year, the most visited restaurant on The Strip (just north of Wynn/Encore) was closed because of a disagreement with the landlord. The branch opened again in late 2015, and today it seems more popular than ever.

There was a long line outside, when I went to get a much longed for portion of Al Pastor (tacos with marinated pork), but lucky for me, most people were queuing for the Lengua (beef tongue), so I didn’t have to wait long to place my order.

Earlier, Tacos El Gordo used to have a patio in front of the restaurant, where you could sit and eat your tacos, but it is gone now. Instead I found a small patch of Astroturf where I could have my taco picnic.

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Tacos El Gordo, 3049 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, Tel: +1 (702) 641-8228

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