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Phuket: The breakfast buffet at Marriott Nai Yang

by Sanne
Marriott Nai Yang, Phuket

When it comes to buffets, I usually say that that I prefer a smaller one with better dishes than a big buffet, where all dishes are missing the last 10%. Though sometimes, you can have both, and the breakfast buffet at Marriott Nai Yang is both big and full of good food. I don’t know whether it’s because the hotel is still fairly new, but so far both food and service have been much better, than what I’ve experienced at similar hotels of this standard.

I’m a quite adventurous eater, while Poul has a more conservative approach. He’s happy as long as there’s freshly squeezed juice, omelets and bacon, while I’ll try everything that looks tempting.

At the hotel’s buffet, there’s a noodle soup station where you choose your noodles from 4 different kinds (wavy, green, thin or flat), before adding fish balls or beef balls and herbs. Then you hand over your bowl to one of the chefs, who will make sure your noodles are cooked to perfection. Before digging in, you can add fish sauce, chili and vinegar from a table nearby. The noodle soup is right down my alley (in fact, it tastes like the noodle soup you’ll find at the small sois, alleys, in Bangkok), and I’ve had it for breakfast each day since we arrived.

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