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Recipe: Lime Basil Juice – Tea Garden at Borderline Collective in Mae Sot

Lime Basil Juice Recipe

This delicious green juice is super refreshing on a hot summer day (and trust me, the summer days in Thailand are hot!). The juice is made with lime basil, which is a sweet, fragrant kind of lime that it might be difficult to find outside Thailand. Though most larger grocery stores and Asian food shops will have Thai basil, which is also fine to use.

If you cannot find liquid sugar, you can just add 3-4tbsp of regular white sugar before mixing. Maybe you will need to extend the blender time a bit to make the sugar dissolve completely. Regarding the limes, make sure you find some really juicy ones.

Recipe: Lime Basil Juice – Tea Garden at Borderline Collective in Mae Sot

Recipe by Chef Nge Nge – Tea Garden Restaurant – Mae Sot Course: Drinks, Lemonade, Juice


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  • 2 2 medium-sized limes

  • 5 stalks 5 fresh lime basil

  • 3-4 tablespoons 3-4 liquid sugar (if you don’t have liquid sugar you can make it by dissolving 3-4tbsp of white sugar in ¼ cup of water)

  • 1 cup 1 water

  • A pinch of salt

  • Ice


  • Squeeze the juice from the limes into the blender. If there are seeds in the limes, you might want to filter them out first.
  • Detach the basil leaves from the stems. Discard the stems.
  • Add liquid sugar, water and salt. Start the blender and mix well (30-60 seconds should be enough).
  • Strain out larger basil leaves, stalks and lime seeds if necessary.
  • Serve on ice.

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Tea Garden is the restaurant at Borderline Collective in Mae Sot. Borderline supports migrants and refugees from Myanmar and the Tea Garden restaurant serves the most delicious Burmese food prepared by chef Nge Nge with love. The restaurant is located in an outdoor garden next to the Borderline Shop, like a quiet oasis just off the main road in Mae Sot and the clientele is a mix of international NGO workers and local Mae Sot residents. All the dishes at the restaurant are vegetarian and a great deal of them are vegan too. Tea Garden also offers cooking classes, so you can learn how to cook the delicious dishes served at the restaurant.

Tea Garden at Borderline Collective, 674/14 Intharakeeree Road, Mae Sot, Thailand

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