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Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas, the Las Vegas Sign

When it comes to free attractions in Las Vegas, I don’t think anything beats the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign. Since 1959, the sign has been standing tall at the southern end of the Las Vegas Strip, but it took me many Las Vegas trips, before I finally visited this legendary sign. I figured there were better things to do in Vegas than waiting in line to take a photo of…a sign. But after visiting, I can say, that I’m very happy that I went, and if you’re going to Las Vegas, you don’t want to miss the sign.  

How to get to the Las Vegas Sign?

The sign is located at the southern end of the Strip, just south of Mandalay Bay and while it is possible to walk to the sign, taking a taxi/limo/Uber/Lyft instead is much smoother. If you’re planning to drive, there is also a small parking lot near the sign, but if you come during rush hours, finding a vacant parking spot might be difficult.

When to visit the Las Vegas Sign?

The bright Las Vegas sun makes it challenging to get any good shots of the sign during the day. I would say that the best time to visit is early morning right after sunrise or late afternoon, just before the sun sets. Some people prefer to go after sunset, when the neon lights really stands out, but I think the sign looks the best in those golden hours just around sunrise and sunset, when the color palette has this pretty golden hue with a touch of pink.

I went in the afternoon, and it was really busy out there. You line up and wait for your turn and it can easily take 30 minutes or more. If you’re there alone, people are more than happy to help you take a photo, under the condition that you return the favor.

For the plane spotters..

McCarran Airport is right across the street so depending on which runway is in use, you can get some really great shots of aircrafts taking off or touching down.

Ants Climbing A Tree at China Poblano, Las Vegas

It’s no secret that I’ve always been a fan of China Poblano and their irresistible mix of all the best from Mexico and China. I have previously blogged about the Mexican part of the menu, but the Chinese food is also really good. The dim sum is a safe bet, but the noodle dishes is where China Poblano really shines.

The National Atomic Testing Museum, Las Vegas

The National Atomic Testing Museum is all about the Nevada nuclear testing site active for almost 4 decades, from the 1950’s and beyond. The testing site was located just a short drive outside Las Vegas and the mushroom clouds, which could be viewed from Downtown Las Vegas, used to be a major tourist attraction (!).


Las Vegas is too much and over the top and you’ll either love it or you’ll love to hate it. The Strip is like a giant amusement park for grown-ups and I have yet to experience my first dull moment in this fascinating, hyper-active neon oasis. Las Vegas has something for all tastes, whether you’re into fine dining, all-day shopping or all-night clubbing, and the party never stops.

Dining in Las Vegas, an introduction

When it comes to eating out in Las Vegas, you are spoilt with choice. Whether you’re into celebrity chef restaurants, giant buffets or gourmet burgers: You name it, Vegas got it! The dining opportunities usually reflects the overall standard of the casino, so you will find cheaper restaurants at cheaper casinos and vice versa.

Beer Park, Las Vegas

Our days in Las Vegas passed so quickly, and we both agreed, that we could easily have spent more time there. After dinner last night, our original intention was to go back to the hotel and get some sleep before our flight the following day. But we wanted to squeeze the last drops out of our Vegas stay, so we went up to Beer Park to have a goodbye Michelada.