Las Vegas: Breakfast at Hash House A Go Go – Farm Benedict

by Sanne
Farm Benedict, Hash House A Go Go, The Linq, Las Vegas

My first meal in Vegas? A Farm Benedict with salmon at Hash House A Go Go. I had heard a lot about this restaurant, which is renowned for full-size breakfast dishes, and if bigger means better, then you’ve come to the right place.

My portion was gigantic/enormous/humongous even for Hash House A Go Go, so when my plate arrived, heads were turning, and the guy next to me at the counter even asked, if he could take a picture of my food. “Of course, go ahead” I said, before I started what felt like my own version of Girl vs. Food. This time food won, and I only managed to finish what seemed like less than one tenth of the dish.

I liked the sauce on top a lot and the eggs were also perfect, but all the stuff underneath wasn’t really for me. The mash weighed down the dish and made the biscuit soggy and pasty, and I found the chili cream a bit too overwhelming and misplaced, but it didn’t really matter, as the eggs and sauce along with the salmon was more than enough to satiate me.

The people working there were really great, and I liked how they joked with each other and the customers. As the line in front of the restaurant built up, they started selling drinks to the people waiting, which I think was an excellent way to make the waiting time more bearable.

Hash House A Go Go is located in the newly opened The Linq. If you’ve been to Vegas before, you’ll probably remember this hotel as The Quad or Imperial Palace. I’ve stayed there once and wasn’t impressed.

The clientele at that time made me feel like I was in an episode of Jersey Shore, but the sleek new look of this place, combined with the High Roller observation wheel and many new stores and restaurants seems to be attracting another, much nicer crowd. The room rates are still among the cheapest on The Strip and the location is top notch, so The Linq is definitely a place I would consider booking in the future.

Hash House A G Go at The Linq, Las Vegas

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