On the road again – Road trip from LA to Las Vegas

by Sanne
Road trip LA to Las Vegas

And we’re in Las Vegas! We’ve actually been here since Thursday, but I haven’t had the time to sit down and blog until now. The trip from LA to Las Vegas usually takes around 4 hours, if there isn’t any traffic, but we took a little longer because we made two stops along the way.

The first stop was at the Outlets at Barstow, where Trine found a really nice Michael Kors bag, which she couldn’t live without. The second stop was at Peggy Sue’s 50’s Diner a little further down the road. Peggy Sue’s are approximately halfway on your trip to Las Vegas, so it’s the perfect place to take a pit stop. The restaurant really looks like a diner from the 50s, and the waitresses all wear pastel colored uniforms and white sneakers. It’s a fun place to visit, and the food is pretty good too.

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