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Las Vegas: Dessert for dinner at Sweets Raku

by Sanne
Sweets Raku, Las Vegas

We didn’t want to spend our Thursday evening waiting in line for the dessert café Sweets Raku, so instead we came back on Friday, right after they opened. Turned out to be a good idea, as there was almost no line and after only a couple of minutes, we could take our seats in the bar.

I had a Ringo (apple in Japanese) and Trine had a Mars (as in the planet, not the chocolate bar). The apple consisted of a thin sugar sphere filled with whipped cream. On the side was a fluffy puff pastry with apple compote and a scoop of honey ice cream. The taste was a delicate balance of sweet and sour, and the intense apple flavor was allowed to take center stage. It reminded me of the Danish apple desserts, and I liked it a lot.

While I was fumbling with my camera, I missed the highlight right next to me, as Trine’s Mars dessert was drenched in hot brandy and the chocolate melted away. Trine actually doesn’t like desserts (she was just curious to watch the melting Mars) so after a couple of bites, she left her plate to me. Underneath the chocolate shell was a rich chocolate cream and yuzu mousse, and Mars was both sweeter and heavier than my apple. I think a cup of coffee or a glass of cognac would have been a better companion to Mars, than the rest of my champagne/plum sake drink, but it was nonetheless a very nice dessert.

Sweets Raku, 5040 W Spring Mountain Rd Suite 3, Las Vegas, NV 89146

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