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Phuket: Hello Nai Yang Beach!

by Sanne

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Recently, Poul and I had our 5-year wedding anniversary, so we decided to go on a short vacation to Phuket. Because of the rainy season, Phuket can be a hit or miss during this time of the year. I’ve been to Thailand in October before, and I’ve had excellent trips without rain, but I’ve also tried the opposite, spending most of the days in my hotel room or inside shopping malls. Though one good thing about living in Dubai is that it makes you appreciate a good rain shower. Besides, the rain showers in Thailand only rarely last all day.

We’re staying at a new Marriott resort at Nai Yang Beach, close to the airport. I’ve stayed in this area a number of times before, and it is really nice. There’s a small village nearby, which still has a local feel to it, and the beach is free from banana boats, jet skis and other annoyances.

Unfortunately, the storms have brought both box jellyfish and Portuguese Man o’ War (both potentially deadly) to the northern beaches of Phuket, so the two northern beaches Nai Yang and Nai Thon Beach have been closed by marine officials. Until further notice, we therefore can’t go swimming in the sea, but the hotel has a giant pool, so we’ll be ok. Last year I got stung by a jellyfish in Thailand, and I still have a big scar on my thigh to remind me. No risk that I’ll try to circumvent that ban.



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