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Bangkok: Eat the rainbow – Unicorn Fruit Toast at Say Chiizu

by Sanne

You cannot say no to rainbow-colored cheese right? So when I saw Say Chiizu on Siam Square, I just had to stop and get their Unicorn Fruit Toast.

In the commercial, which is running on the screen in the shop, you can see how a woman stretches the cheese longer and longer, and it was impossible to stop watching, ha ha. What a fascinating sight! No doubt, I had to get my own elastic cheese sandwich.

The cheese was thick and stretchy, which made it fun to play with but difficult to eat. The taste was mild, and if you did not know it was cheese you were eating, you could easily think that you were chewing on a piece of fruity bubblegum. The cheese tasted more of fruit than of cheese, which is a good thing if you ask me, as I do not like strong, aged cheese, and to my surprise, apparently all ingredients are natural without any artificial additives.

In spite of the Japanese-sounding name, Say Chiizu is in fact a homegrown Thai chain. Their regular Hokkaido Cheese Toast is hugely popular in Bangkok, where everything with cheese is trending right now. Say Chiizu also makes different drinks with cheese, but just the thought of drinking anything cheesy made me lose my appetite, so we’ll save the cheese drinks for some other time.

Here’s a video of my Unicorn Cheese Toast. I am trying to replicate the cheese stretching from the commercial but it doesn’t go so well. Same, same, but different:)

Say Chiizu , Siam Square One, Bangkok, Nearest BTS: Siam

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