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Naka Market – Phuket Weekend Market

by Sanne
Naka Market - Phuket weekend market

Our original plan for this trip didn’t include anything else than relaxation by the pool, but after a while it became boring. Saturday afternoon, we therefore went to visit Phuket Weekend Market outside Phuket Town on the southern part of the island. Phuket Weekend Market also goes under the name Naka Market among the locals, because of the location close to Naka temple. There’s a lot of traffic on the route down there, so it took us more than an hour by taxi to get there.

Naka Market was like a smaller and cleaner version of Chatuchak Market in Bangkok. There were plenty of stores, but most of them were selling the usual, boring selection of counterfeit goods and souvenirs. I bought some bowls made from coconut shells that I remembered my mom was looking at, when we were in Karon Beach earlier this year. Now she can have them for Christmas, ha ha (don’t tell her!). I also found a shop with bags from a small Bangkok brand. The bags were really super cool, and I got a small backpack made from waterproof fabric, perfect for the beach.

When visiting a market, the food section is usually the main attraction for me, and Naka Market didn’t disappoint. We had a light dinner at one of the sit-down restaurants, and afterwards, we went snack hunting among the food vendors. I found the most delicious, spicy Thai sausages, and later on, we had banana crepes with ice cream and chocolate sauce, before heading back to Nai Yang.

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