Spiced Plum with Port Jam

Blake Hill Preserves


The refined taste of this wonderful spiced plum preserve has been created in collaboration with the award-winning cheese makers at Jasper Hill Farm. Experience the delicious interplay of flavors as juicy plums are simmered with raisins, tawny port and apple cider vinegar. Anise adds a subtle layer of complexity, elevating this preserve to gourmet status. This elegant jam pairs excellently with blue cheese, offering a sophisticated touch to your cheese board, or serving as a versatile companion in the kitchen. A great addition to your pantry essentials!

Mitzie Mee – Sanne: Yep, it’s true. This jam is amazing with blue cheese, or any kind of sharp cheese, and if you ask me, it’s the Port that makes the difference.

Fruit (plums, raisins), brown sugar, apple cider vinegar, port, spices, fruit pectin.



About Blake Hill

Blake Hill offers a unique range of sweet and savory jams infused with honey, liquors, herbs, or spices that are specifically designed to complement different types of cheese. Each variety has the perfect balance of sweetness and acidity, a luscious texture, and a distinct, complex flavor profile that highlights the quintessential characteristics of particular cheeses, from classic cheddar to creamy goat cheese and bold, beautiful blues.


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