Dip Mix Trio

Soup of Success
3 sachets


The Dip Trio is a 3-pack featuring three of the popular dips from Soup of Success: Deliciously Dill, Sizzlin’ Santa Fe, and Satisfying Spinach. It’s a great addition to your pantry essentials or as a gift to a fellow foodie friend.

Made with love and dedication by the program participants and volunteers at Soup of Success, these dips carries a taste of empowerment. Your purchase helps support training wages for future women, making each dip even more meaningful.

Deliciously Dill: The star of the show! This dill dip is a real crowd-pleaser. Simply mix with sour cream and mayo for an instant hit. Pair it with fresh veggies or crisp crackers for a delightful treat. With each package, you’ll yield a generous 1 ½  cups of creamy goodness.

Satisfying Spinach Dip: The creamy spinach dip with a new, improved formula, is now better than ever. It’s perfect for dipping veggies, placing in a bread bowl, or spreading on pita bread and crackers. A fan favorite, it’s a must-have at any gathering, making it an instant hit. Yields 2 cups.

Sizzlin’ Santa Fe Dip: Add a touch of mild Southwestern flair to your snacks with the Sizzlin’ Santa Fe Dip. It’s a quick and easy way to spice up your veggies, crackers, and chips. Just stir it into 2 cups of sour cream for a flavorful dip that yields 2 cups of pure Southwestern delight.

Give the gift of flavor and empowerment with Soup of Success Dip Trio. It’s a delicious way to support a great cause while savoring unforgettable tastes.

1.75oz (Deliciously Dill 0.45oz, Sizzlin’ Santa Fe 0.7oz, and Satisfying Spinach ) 0.7oz)

Made in United States

Ingredients: Deliciously Dill Dip – Parsley, Onion, Dill Weed & Beau Monde; Sizzlin’ Santa Fe Dip – Onion, Paprike, Chili Powder & Black Pepper; Satisfying Spinach Dip – Onion, Parsley, Dried Mustard, Garlic Powder & Beau Monde.


About Soup of Success

Founded in 1997 by Church Community Services, Soup of Success has been steadfast in its mission to address the root causes of poverty and empower marginalized women. Initiated in a basement with just one participant and a single product, the program has evolved significantly under the enduring leadership of Betsy Ayrea. Relocating to larger spaces over the years, the program has expanded its curriculum to include a range of life skills. Operating as an intensive 20-week course, Soup of Success remains committed to its core focus: empowering women through education and resources to improve self-esteem, independence, and quality of life.



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