Mushroom Snow Crab – Plant-based Seafood

Seed to Surf
3.2 oz


The Mushroom Snow Crab by Seed to Surf is a plant-based seafood alternative crafted from Enoki mushrooms, designed to mimic the texture and taste of snow crab. This plant-based and gluten-free product combines the tender texture of mushrooms with savory and slightly sweet flavors, enhanced by sunflower oil, sea salt, seaweed, and natural flavors. I love how versatile the Mushroom Snow Crab is; I’m using it as a topping for rice bowls and ramen, or for filling in plant-based maki rolls. Such a great sea-inspired experience for those seeking plant-based seafood alternatives

3.2 oz


Ingredients: Enoki Mushrooms, Sunflower Oil, Sea Salt, Seaweed (Knob/Kelp), Natural Flavor



About Seed to Surf

Seed to Surf is a Canadian company specializing in plant-based seafood. The company leverages the nutritional, health, and sustainability benefits of whole vegetables to create alternatives to ocean delicacies. Launched in 2022, Seed to Surf introduces a unique approach by preparing and preserving high-quality vegetables into canned seafood-similar products, offering a fresh reinterpretation of seafood that underscores the incredible potential of plants​​. Seed to Surf’s offerings are a response to the growing demand for plant-based seafood, aiming to provide vegan alternatives to seafood, contributing to the diversification of the market