Bangkok: Babble & Rum – The Restaurant at Riva Surya

by Sanne
Babble & Rum - Bangkok

As you could probably understand from my previous blog post, I really liked Riva Surya hotel in Bangkok, and as extra icing on the cake, their restaurant, Babble & Rum, also turned out to be quite an amazing spot. 

Babble & Rum serves traditional Thai food, international classics and..tapas! I haven’t been to many restaurants, which can handle such a high level of diversity on the menu, so I was curious to see how Babble & Rum dealt with the task. Trine had tapas, my dad had rum-glazed ribs and my mom and I both had Thai dishes. To my great pleasure Babble & Rum did absolutely fabulous, and the food was surprisingly good.

You can get excellent som tam (papaya salad) at most street corners in Bangkok, so charging more than a few THB can be hard to justify, even at a really stylish restaurant. Though, the som tam I had at Babble & Rum was perfectly crafted and came with a succulent piece of grilled chicken and sticky rice wrapped in a banana leaf, so 250THB seemed like a very reasonable price.

Babble & Rum’s floor-to-ceiling windows allow diners to get a good glance of the Chao Phraya river, but if you prefer al fresco dining, ask for one of the outdoor tables and you’ll be so close to the river, you can almost dip your feet in it.
Considering the tasty food, excellent service and beautiful surroundings, it was quite surprising that the restaurant was half-empty that Sunday evening we went there for dinner. Though if Babble & Rum continues serving such good food (not to mention their big and well-mixed cocktails) combined with their Chao Phraya front row location, I’m sure that next time I visit Bangkok, I’ll need to queue for a reservation.

Babble and Rum is located in the elegant Riva Surya boutique hotel right next to the Chao Phraya river. The restaurant is airy and stylish and the prices are surprisingly reasonable considering the chic settings.

The menu is extensive and includes items as diverse as pizza, tapas and traditional Thai food, so there is a good chance that you will find something that tempts your taste buds.

After dinner, you can go for a cocktail at Mezzanine Bar, which is located one stair up and has beautiful views of Chao Phraya. In the weekend, various DJs spin the records and make sure that there is a nice soundtrack to accompany the great views.

• If you want front row views of Chao Phraya, ask for one of the outdoor tables placed right next to the river.

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Babble & Rum, Riva Surya, 23 Phra Arthit Rd., Phranakorn, Bangkok
Nearest ferry pier: Phra Arthit

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