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Bangkok: Fire Tiger Milk at Seoulcial Club

by Sanne
Fire Tiger Milk at Seoulcial Club, Siam Square in Bangkok

In most Asian countries, bubble tea is still a big thing, and you can get all sorts of delicious versions and flavors. The latest trend is brown sugar boba, which I tried at KOI a couple of weeks ago, but which is available at most of the trendier boba shops. The brown sugar syrup gives the drink a rounder, fudge-like flavor that I really like.

KOI makes a nice brown sugar boba (try it with golden bubbles) but then I stumbled upon Seoulcial Club in Bangkok and tried their famous Fire Tiger Milk, and this stuff is in a completely different league. This is the best boba ever!

Fire Tiger Milk gets the flavor from the perfect mix of creamy milk and brown sugar syrup. There are plenty of fresh back bubbles in the bottom, and the topping consist of a big dollop of what is described as crème brûlée in the menu, but which actually tastes more like caramelized meringue, and it is the topping that makes all the difference.

If you stop by Seoulcial Club, make sure to visit the pink room on the third floor. That room looks like it was made with Instagram in mind, because everything looks super ‘grammable, including the three tigers that tried to steal my boba, as you can see in the photos below:)

Seoulcial Club, 266/8 Siam Square Soi 3 Bangkok. Nearest BTS: Siam

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