Bangkok: Ban Khun Mae – Cozy restaurant on Siam Square

by Sanne
Ban Khun Mae, cozy restaurant on Siam Square, Bangkok

If you’re curious about Thai food but not really sure where to start, then Ban Khun Mae would be an excellent choice. Ban Khun Mae is right in the heart of trendy Siam Square, but the restaurant isn’t trendy at all.

Located in a traditional Thai house, the restaurant serves consistently good Thai food in cozy, homey surroundings. The restaurant is particularly popular among tourists, but don’t let that scare you away, because Ban Khun Mae is most definitely one of those places, that you’ll keep coming back to and that you’ll love to show your friends.

You’ll find all the classics in the menu plus a little more. The food is spicy enough to leave no doubt that it’s authentic Thai food, but no so spicy that it will set the un-adapted taste buds on fire. The restaurant is usually busy, but not to the point where a reservation is needed. Even if there’s a line, it usually moves rather fast.

• The tum yum kung (hot and sour soup), the fried rice and the glass noodle salad with seafood are all dishes, which Ban Khun Mae makes to perfection.

•  When I was there, there was a live performance by an artist playing a khim, which is a traditional Thai instrument with brass strings.

•  Most dishes are around 150-200 THB. Portion sizes are decent, but you’ll probably need 2 dishes for a full meal.

Another nice restaurant on Siam Square is Som Tam Nua. If you like spicy Isan food, this is the place for you

Ban Khun Mae, Siam Square, Bangkok

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