The secret food court at Bangkok Airport

by Sanne

The food court isn’t actually a secret, but you don’t notice it, if you don’t know that it’s there, because nothing else than a small sign outside reveals its existence. At the entrance, you purchase vouchers, which you then use as payment at the stalls, and if you don’t use all your vouchers, you can get a refund when you leave. The vendors don’t accept cash.

Around 20 vendors are selling everything from pad thai to noodle soup and bubble tea. You pick whatever you feel like and pay with your vouchers. Most of the outlets specialize in a few dishes, just like at the food courts downtown. Beverages are sold at dedicated beverage stalls, and there’s a good selection of soft drinks, smoothies, coffee and tea available. There’s also a section with halal food.

Considering that we’re at an airport, the prices are ridiculously low, starting at 40THB for a meal. There are stations with trays, cutlery and chopsticks, and you’ll also find small pots with hot water to sanitize the utensils. The vouchers are valid throughout the day of purchase, and you can redeem any unused vouchers until 1:am the following day.

The food court is open 24h, so if you are early for your flight, it’s a great place to kill some time and grab a bite without breaking your wallet. The airport train doesn’t run after midnight, so when I arrive in Bangkok late at night, I sometimes use the food court as a waiting room until the train service starts again in the morning, and I can go to the city and check in at my hotel.

The food court is located on 1F, which is the same level as the busses depart from. If you are standing outside the terminal, facing the terminal building, the food court will be on your right at the far end of the terminal. There’s a small sign saying “Food Court” at the bus waiting area, but if you’re at the other end of the terminal, you’ll have to pass the corridor with the restrooms to get there. The food court is located land side, so you don’t need to show your passport or boarding pass. However, if you don’t have a valid reason to be in the airport, you are, strictly speaking, not allowed to be there.

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