Banyan Tree – Back in Bangkok

by Sanne
Dragon fruit at Banyan Tree Bangkok

Good morning Bangkok! This very moment, we should have been on our way to Norway to go skiing with AC and her friends, but something came up and we ended up in Bangkok instead. We’re staying at Banyan Tree, which is a wonderful, all-suites hotel, and even though we have the smallest type of suite (a Horizon suite), we’re still spoiled with 517 sqft all to ourselves. Our suite is on the 49th floor so we also have a great view of the city including the busy Sathon Road. In the photos below, you can see how crowded it was this afternoon. I’m glad we weren’t stuck in traffic down there.

After checking in, we went to our room, where a delicious dragon fruit was waiting for us. Since I found out a couple of years ago that you’re not supposed to eat the outer pink shell, it has been one of my favorite exotic fruits (until then I found it a bit chewy). Looking forward to seeing what will land in our fruit bowl tomorrow.

We’ll be staying at Banyan Tree for 3 nights and then we have two nights at Shangri-La by the river, before we’re heading back to Dubai. Both Poul and I have been to Bangkok so many times that we’ve stopped counting, so we’ve decided not to do any sightseeing this time. Instead we’re looking forward to a relaxing stay with lots of great food, massages and unwinding by the pool.

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