Bangkok: The Flower Market – Pak Khlong Talat

by Sanne
Bangkok Flower Market - Pak Khlong Talat

The biggest flower market in Bangkok, Pak Khlong Talat, is located near the river in the old part of the city. This is where the Bangkok flower shop owners make their purchases, but the market is also open for individual customers, and people like me, who are just there to watch.

The market is supposed to be busiest around 3-4am in the morning, when the new supplies arrive, but we didn’t feel like sacrificing a good night’s sleep, so we went to visit the market just before midnight.

At the market, you can also buy fruit and vegetables as well as fresh herbs, and the prices are ridiculously low and hard to resist. Even though the market wasn’t very busy, the vendors in the flower section seemed to have a steady stream of customers. I ended up buying a kilo of hot Thai chilies and a big bag of limes. I also bought a beautiful bunch of flowers that looked like they were made from fabric. Unfortunately, they didn’t survive the plane ride home, so in spite of numerous attempts to save them, I ended up throwing them out.

One of the things I really liked about Pak Khalong Talat is that you’re able to walk around without feeling that you’re in the way. The market also had this nice authentic local vibe and nobody seemed to care that you’re just there to take photos and have a look. Though I would still recommend that you also make a few purchases to contribute to the business, so the market also in the future will be as tourist friendly as it is today.

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