Bangkok: Yoo Fish Ball at MBK food court

by Sanne
Yoo Fish Ball, Food island, MBK food court

I had lunch at the food court in MBK, Food Island, which is located on the 6th floor in the mall. At the entrance, you buy coupons which you use as payment and the food is cheap and tasty. There was a whole section with pastries and Thai desserts, and I also spotted several vegetarian stalls, but I ended up ordering from Yoo Fish Ball. They make the most delicious fish balls, which I’ve earlier tried at their original restaurant in Chinatown. Good to see that both service and standard is the same at their Food Island stall.

When you eat noodle soup in Thailand, you would usually season it with fish sauce, vinegar, sugar and chili. Getting the proportions right can be a difficult task to the uninitiated, but the guy behind the counter gave me a helping hand. You can also have your noodles without soup, so it becomes more like a salad. It’s seasoned the same way, and it’s particularly nice with a little extra sugar and chili.

PS: It was the first time for me to shoot in manual mode with my Canon camera, and I had almost finished my soup, before I finally started to understand how it worked, so the photos really don’t do Yoo Fish Ball any justice. It looked much better in real life.

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