Bobby’s Burger Palace – Las Vegas

by Sanne
Bobby's Burger Palace, Las Vegas

Fatburger used to be my all time burger-favorite on the Strip, but when I was in Vegas last year, I passed by Gordon Ramsay’s BurGR on my last day there, and I promised myself (and my fellow blogger Waz) to give it a try next time I was in town.

Sunday evening, I therefore tried to convince the others that this was the place we were having dinner. Unfortunately, we were informed that they didn’t accept table reservations, but we could just come by, the wait would only be around 30-45 minutes..

Now 30-45 minutes is a very long time, if you’re hungry, and when I’m hungry, I turn into a diva (yes Snickers, that commercial is all about me) and nobody, not even me, would want that to happen, so instead, Sylvan suggested that we went to Bobby’s Burger Palace.

Not as upscale as BurGR but significantly nicer than Fatburger, Bobby’s Burger Palace was the answer to all our prayers in terms of Shakes (make that spiked please!), burgers (Angus beef, medium cooked), and onion rings (where do they grow onions that large??).

It was a feast! The onion rings were perfectly crispy outside and soft inside, and if it weren’t because I cracked a joke about what happens to the cut-away skin from circumcisions (childish, I know, please bear with me), we probably would have eaten all of them.

I had a Palace Classic burger and it was just perfect. Juicy, but not soggy and with a giant pickle on the side, and plenty of different sauces on the table to choose among. Delicious! The blueberry pomegranate shake I had was creamy and not too sweet, but I couldn’t finish it, as it was a meal and a half in itself. Of course we all ate too much and too fast and crashed into synchronic food coma, none of us able to move, nor speak, for quite a while after our last bites, but yikes, it was good!

Bobby’s Burger Palace, S. Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas

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