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Las Vegas: Coyote Ugly – A saloon at New York New York

by Sanne
Coyote Ugly Las Vegas

Coyote Ugly is a loud but fun version of an urban saloon. The bar is refreshingly different from the rest of Las Vegas’ airbrushed and polished bars and clubs, and that’s what makes it perfect for one of those nights, where you’re walking around in jeans and bad hair and didn’t plan to go out.

If you’ve seen the movie Coyote Ugly, you’ll know what to expect. People get really drunk and noisy from cheap happy-hour beer and free shots, and the music is loud and mainly songs with a sing-along chorus. The bartenders, the Coyotes, dance on the bar and frequently invite girls from the crowd to join them.

There is no dress code so leave your high heels at home and only wear clothes that can withstand a spilled beer or two. If you’re not already tipsy or intend to be within a near future, Coyote Ugly probably isn’t for you.

• Happy hour with free admission and cheap beer and cocktails each day

Coyote Ugly, New York New York, Las Vegas

Coyote Ugly - Las Vegas

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