Bangkok: EAT ME – An old favorite

by Sanne
Eat Me, Bangkok

EAT ME is one of my all-time favorite restaurants in Bangkok. I stumbled upon it by coincidence, when I was seeking shelter from a thunderstorm one evening back in 2011, and I’ve been back many times since then. The menu is a mix of international dishes, some of them with a touch of Thailand, others true to their origins.It changes on a regular basis, so whenever I’m back at EAT ME, there’s usually a whole new range of dishes to choose among.

Of course it would be boring, if the menu stayed the same, but there are some dishes, I wish they would consider as permanent items. One of them is the cold avocado soup with crab meat I had a couple of years ago. Avocado and crab is always a good idea, but this one was brilliant. The dash of hot Thai chili on top accentuated the textures and flavors further, and made sure the juicy crab didn’t drown in avocado creaminess. Unfortunately, it’s not on the menu anymore, but I hope that they’ll consider adding it again someday.

At my most recent dinner EAT ME in December 2015 I had a wonderful dessert: Goat cheese ice cream with red wine poached pear and honeycomb. Honeycomb is everywhere these days, but at EAT ME, the presence was highly justified. The sticky sweet honeycomb counterbalanced the bitterness of the goat cheese and the wine-drenched pear perfectly. It was magic.

Eat Me is not just a restaurant, but also a gallery, featuring local and international talent. It therefore goes without saying that the décor of the restaurant is outstanding. You can either sit outside on the balcony overlooking a small courtyard, or you can sit inside at one of the neat, impeccably made tables. Attentive and friendly staff serves the food which is mostly international dishes, (in a good way, no Spaghetti Bolognese here) rich in Italian, French and Thai references.

Most main courses are around 800baht or less, but if you want one of their amazing cocktails (try the Marrakesh Bellini with pomegranate), dessert and a glass of wine, expect to spend around 2000baht. When you have finished dining you can linger in the bar, which serves delicious and innovative drinks until 1am. Eat Me can be a bit hard to find, so bring a map or call the restaurant in advance for directions.

EAT ME, 20 m off Convent Rd. (in Soi Pipat 2), Silom, Bangkok, Tel: 02-238-0931, Nearest BTS: Sala Daeng

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