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Hong Kong: My new haircut at Leighton 23 in Causeway Bay

Leighton 23 Hair salon in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

It’s been almost a year since my last haircut, so when I saw this street lined with hair salons in Causeway Bay, I decided that now was the time. But the salons all offered the same services at the same prices, so how to choose? Then I saw a young girl with fab looking hair stepping out of one of the places, Leighton 23, and the problem was solved; I’m going in.

At Leighton 23, there are three different prices for a haircut, depending on how much experience you require that your hair stylist has. I went for the medium level, which was 180 HKD and included washing, blow drying and styling. Compared to Dubai, this was really good price for a haircut.

The guy that washed my hair didn’t speak much English, so we communicated with gestures and lots of laughter. After washing my hair, he says something that I interpret as “Done!” so I sit up abruptly, and my wet hair goes all over the place. Turns out he said “Down” not “Done” so I am told to lean back again with strict instructions to “hang down!”:)

Then it was time for the haircut, and the stylist asked me what I was looking for. Hmm, good question. The magazine on the table with Vin Diesel on the front page wasn’t of much help, but one of the girls waiting to get her hair done had a really nice hair style, so I discreetly told my hairstylist that I wanted something similar, but without the bangs. Could he do that? Sure! Even though my hair got a little shorter than expected (it always does) I was very happy with the result, which you can see here:

Leighton 23, 1/F 17-19 Lan Fong Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, Tel: +852 2881 6620

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