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Plane spotting in Hong Kong

by Sanne
plane spotting in Hong Kong, Emirates B777

Poul arrived in Hong Kong one day later than I did, so I decided to go out to the airport and take a photo of him, when he landed. It was very windy and rainy that day, so it was only me and a few other plane spotters at the end of runway 07L. Poul’s flight was delayed out of Dubai and then put in a 20-minute holding upon arriving in Hong Kong, but I had tracked him on FlightRadar all the way from Dubai, so I knew when it was time to get my camera ready.

Most aircrafts land on 07L, which is not the most spotter friendly runway. The closest you get to the action is an area down by the water, a short walk from the maintenance hangars. You are still quite far from the runway, and you cannot see the touchdown zone from there, so if you want some nice photos, you will need more serious camera equipment than the iPhone and the food photography lens, that I had brought with me that day.  

From Tung Chung MTR station, you can take the bus to the maintenance area, but to get to Tung Chung from the airport, you’ll have to take two different trains, so I went for the easy option and took an Uber instead. It’s quite a ride out there, so walking is not an option. If you want more information about plane spotting in Hong Kong, visit The Hong Kong Plane Spotting and Photography Guide or Spotterguide.net.    

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