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Cocktails at Ozone – The Ritz-Carlton in Hong Kong

by Sanne

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting M who lives in Hong Kong. First, the plan was to go for a coffee, but as Poul and I returned a little later than expected from our Big Buddha sightseeing trip, we decided to meet for cocktails at Ozone instead. I’m usually not very happy about my mobile operator, but here in Hong Kong, they offer free data roaming, which is great. I was therefore able to chat with M about the change of plans while running GoogleMaps and Instagram, all at the same time. Absolutely brilliant!

Ozone is on the 118th floor at Ritz Carlton in the ICC Tower right on the West Kowloon waterfront. On the Ritz-Carlton website it says that the bar is the highest in the world, which surprised me a bit, as Dubai usually has monopoly of “The World’s highest/best/biggest_____(fill in the blanks)”. After doing a little online research, I found out that the highest bar in the world, is in fact At.mosphere, which is on the 122nd floor in Burj Khalifa, Dubai, so Ritz-Carlton, maybe you need to update your website?

Anyways, 118th floor is still high above the ground, and even though it was a bit hazy yesterday, the view was amazing. Ozone had a whole page in the drink menu dedicated to different versions of Gin & Tonic, and I had one with orange peel, which was excellent, and came in a huge wineglass.

Drinks at Ozone aren’t cheap (160-180HKD), but considering that 1) The drinks are huge, 2) There’s no cover charge and 3) The view is among the best in Asia, it was definitely reasonable. The surroundings were magnificent and the staff attentive and polite. I also really liked that Ozone didn’t have that touristy, Kodak-moment vibe, which most other sky bars have. As a matter of fact, I think I was the only one there with a camera.

Poul and I really had a pleasant time, and it was so nice to meet M and her friend. Later on, the four of us went for a tasty hotpot dinner at Budaoweng, but I’ll write more about that in another blog post. Thank you, M for introducing me to this wonderful bar in Hong Kong!

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Ozone, Level 118 ICC, The Ritz-Carlton, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

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