Hong Kong: Hiking in Sai Kung Country Park

by Sanne
Sheung Yiu Family walk, Sai Kung Country Park

AC loves everything outdoors, so even though we were only in Hong Kong for 5 days, she was eager to hit the trails. Now I can come up with a lot of things I’d rather do in Hong Kong than hiking, but after assuring me that we wouldn’t get lost or get eaten by wild animals, I agreed to go with her for an afternoon in Sai Kung Country Park.

There were a number of different trails, but since none of us had brought our hiking gear (as if I even have a clue about what the term “hiking gear” includes), we decided to go for the short and manageable Sheung Yiu Family Walk, which, in spite of the name, wasn’t crowded by families. As a matter of fact, the trail wasn’t crowded by anyone, but completely deserted except for AC and me.

We passed a cluster of old houses which looked like the people living there had left abruptly, as there were still plates on the table. AC had a look inside one of the buildings, but it was too Blair Witch spooky for me, so I stayed outside.

A bit further down the trail, we passed a flight of stairs. There was no signage so we got curious and decided to walk up to see, what was at the end of the stairs. Ready for another Blair Witch moment? It was a cemetery! There were both urns and tombstones, and some of them had fallen over, which didn’t really make the place cozier.

I didn’t take any photos of the cemetery, because I was scared that some angry Chinese ghost would then come and haunt me. Instead I pointed the camera towards the beautiful view of the sea.

A large part of the trail was inside a forest, and at some point, we could hear children singing and laughing. It was probably just a school class on excursion, and under ordinary circumstances, I’m not scared of kids (except for the ones that bite), but in that forest, those invisible, singing kids once again sent us into Blair Witch mode. We really didn’t want to be in the Sai Kung woods when it got dark, so we rushed through the rest of the hike, and made it just in time to catch the bus back home at 4.

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