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Las Vegas: Jean-Georges Steakhouse with the guys

by Sanne
Jean-Georges Steakhouse, Las vegas

After High Roller, we went to Jean Georges at Aria, where we had the most amazing steaks. Mine was a filet mignon, perfectly rare and very delicious. My friend Sebastian went all in and had a grade A5 Kobe steak. It was the first time he had real Kobe beef, but I could tell from the look of his face, that it probably wasn’t the last time.

As it was just me and the guys for dinner, girly stuff such as vegetables were banned from the table. Instead, we ordered truffle mac and cheese, French fries and a selection of sauces to accompany the steaks, which was all very good. For dessert, I had a hot chocolate cake with ice cream, which was really good too, but when I saw the salted caramel sundae one of the guys ordered, I regretted that I didn’t had that as well. Have a look at the pictures below, and you’ll see why:)

Jean-Georges is a chic and dark steak restaurant hidden in a far-away corner inside Aria. The steaks on offer are USDA Prime and Australian wagyu, but when I was there, they also served Japanese Kobe beef grade A5 (the real deal). Like most other American steak restaurants, the prices stated in the menu are for the steaks only, so if you want sides, you order that additionally.

The steaks are tasty, but the other dishes on the menu are also very nice, so try to save some space for sides and dessert too. The Black Truffle Mac and Cheese is amazing, and the serving is large enough for 2-3 persons to share.

Jean-Georges is pricey, and the bill quickly hits $100 or more, and that’s before you’ve even thought about dessert or that second glass of wine. If you’re looking for more wallet friendly options, go for the Jean-Georges Cheeseburger with Brie and truffle mayo for $26. It’s supposed to be really good.

• Jean-Georges Steakhouse is on the 2nd Level Promenade, next to Bardot. It can be tricky to find, so get there early and allow for 15 minutes or more to get lost.

After dinner we continued the evening at Marquee Nightclub at The Cosmopolitan. Always a safe bet for a fun night out.

Jean-Georges Steakhouse, Aria, Las Vegas

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