JJ Green Vintage Market (CLOSED) – Bangkok Guide

by Sanne
JJ Green Vintage Market - Bangkok

JJ Green is now closed but have announced they will reopen in 2020 at a new location

JJ Green Vintage Night Market is located inside Chatuchak Park. It’s just a short walk from Chatuchak Weekend Market, so if you’re visiting Chatuchak Weekend Market in the daytime, then JJ Green is the obvious place to continue your shopping spree after dark.

The vibe at JJ Green is much cooler than at Chatuchak and JJ Green primarily draws a crowd of young hipster Thais. The market only opened back in 2014, so it’s still fairly new and not as touristy as Chatuchak, even though the price level seems to be around the same.

There are several dining opportunities inside the market ranging from air-conditioned hotpot restaurants to food stalls selling mango and sticky rice. However, what really distinguishes JJ Green from the other markets around Bangkok is the quite substantial cluster of bars and beer gardens with live music, making JJ Green a great nightlife destination too.

There’s lots of vintage stuff for sale, so if you’re into pre-loved jeans, caps or shirts, you’ll be spoiled with choice. If second-hand shopping isn’t your thing, there are also plenty of vendors selling new goods. Some of the vendors operate with fixed prices, which are usually very low, but you can always try to bargain, and you might get a discount, especially if you buy several items.

On Fridays and Saturdays JJ Green gets really crowded and the streets leading to and from the market often get so packed that it is difficult to move, so come early and leave late

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