Las Vegas: Julian Serrano – Tapas at Aria

by Sanne
Julian Serrano, Las Vegas

Julian Serrano is a popular tapas restaurant located at the lobby floor level in Aria. The daily happy hour offers from a special bar menu include sangria and small plates, and make Julian Serrano a perfect place to grab a glass of wine and some tapas after a day by the pool.

Julian Serrano, the man behind the restaurant, is Spanish and the food has an unmistakably Spanish touch, but the décor of the restaurant is more Vegas-hip than traditional tapas bar cozy.

Later in the evening, Julian Serrano is more of a place to go before you go out, and it can get a bit loud when the music is on. The ordinary menu is a bit pricier, but even though it’s still small plates, the servings are larger than what you’ll get at most tapas restaurants in Europe, so depending on what you order, it would probably be more than enough with 2-3 tapas per person. Most tapas on the regular menu are $11-$20.

• What to order?
Don’t miss the stuffed dates from the bar menu with goat cheese and pancetta. They’re delicious.

• I don’t think there’s a dress code at Julian Serrano (at least not for girls), but at most of the places at Aria, people usually dress up, especially for dinner.

• Paellas are $40-$45 and are meant for 2 persons to share. For dinner I would expect to spend around $60+tips for a couple of tapas and a glass of wine.

Best for: Dinner with friends, Happy Hour/Bar Menu, Weekend Nights

Julian Serrano, Aria, 3730 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89158

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