Las Vegas: High Roller with open bar

High Roller, Las Vegas

Friday was our first night out in Vegas this time, and it was wet and wild, literally speaking. The night started at the new ferris wheel, High Roller, just next to the soon-to-open resort The Linq.

We had booked a cabin with open bar for the 30-minute ride, but we were just about to miss our slot, as I had underestimated how long it would take to walk there from my hotel. Well at least I managed to build up a proper thirst for the open bar:)

The view from the wheel was tantalizing, and we were lucky to catch the fountain show, right at the top of the wheel. I wish I had brought a better camera, because my iPhone really sucks at night photography.

Each cabin takes 40 persons, but ours wasn’t full, and the bartender operated quickly, so the guys managed to get 4 drinks each, before the ride was over.

The High Roller opened earlier this year, and it’s currently (2014) the world’s highest ferries wheel. I think they’re planning to build an even bigger one in Dubai, but it will most likely not have any open bar cabins. You can purchase your tickets online in advance as we did, or get them on the spot.

After High Roller we had dinner at Jean Georges Steakhouse

High Roller at The Linq, Las Vegas

Video from High Roller in daylight

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