Las Vegas: AC’s birthday at Mix and XS – All In

Mix, Las Vegas

Saturday night, we celebrated AC’s birthday. We started out with dinner at MIX, 64 floors up in THE hotel. We had a really cool table/booth, which was partly shielded, so it felt as if we were sitting in an eggshell. As a starter, we had tuna tartar with corn chips and mixed vegetables.

I love raw tuna, and I really liked the contrast between the texture of the silky-soft tuna and the crispy vegetables. As a main course, we both had filet mignon with sauce béarnaise. The night before, we’ve had what I thought was the best filet mignon at Smith& Wollensky, but the steaks at MIX turned out to be just as nice, juicy and tender. By the end of the meal, AC received a birthday dessert from the restaurant and I sang her a completely out-of-tune Danish birthday song.

After dinner we went to the adjacent MIX Lounge. It has floor-to-ceiling windows and an outdoor terrace, with some of Las Vegas’ best views of the Strip. When we were there, the DJ was really awesome and even non-dancing individuals like me were drawn to the dance floor.

Later on we went to XS, which is one of Vegas’ really big nightclubs. A part of XS is located outside around a big pool area, and you can take a swim if you like, so even though the club is huge, it didn’t feel over-crowded.

It was 4 in the morning before we reached for our foldable flats (great invention!) and started walking back to Palazzo. As we passed through the casino, AC suddenly decided that she wanted to try some gambling, so she sat down at a Craps table. Somehow she managed to win $100, but when I asked her, how she had done, the only thing she remembered was that she “rolled some dices…”

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