Las Vegas Nightlife – How it works

Las Vegas Nightlife - how it works

When it comes to nightlife and entertainment, Las Vegas is second to none. The clubs are gigantic and waterfalls, dancers and fireworks are common features. Read the tips below and get ready to join the party.


I usually go out early in Las Vegas (before midnight) because I don’t like wasting my time standing in a line waiting to get in. Even though the clubs can be empty to start with, they fill up quickly. Until 23:00, ladies on the guest lists get in for free at most places and on weekdays, you might even be offered free drinks on top of that.


At most places, seating is reserved for guests, who have bought bottle service. If you don’t want to buy your own bottle of liquor, be prepared to stand up all night.


Anyone with money to spend can be a VIP. Buy a bottle of booze and get your own table and a host that meets you at the club entrance, makes sure you skip the line, and takes care of all the boring stuff during the evening. Bottle service starts around $300 per bottle for the cheapest brands of vodka at the less popular spots. For the newest and hottest venue it’s much more expensive, but sometimes you can get a good deal if you’re a group of girls.

You typically have to order a minimum of one bottle per 4 persons and soft drinks and mixers are included. Tips, taxes and other extras are not included.


In Las Vegas it’s possible to party every night in the week, but usually, only a few of the clubs are open at a time. It’s in the weekdays the Industry Nights take place. At Industry Nights, locals get free entry and discounted drinks and sometimes the clubs are more crowded and the party is even wilder at Industry Nights than during the weekends.

In the summer, the party already start during daytime at the resorts’ day clubs (huge pool parties) with famous DJ’s and other kind of entertainment. Sometimes you get in for free, if you’re a hotel guest.


A lot of guys on the street will probably try to sell you coupons or small cards, which they claim will give you free entrance and front-of-line access to the nightclubs. In most cases, the coupon offers aren’t worth the paper they are printed on, so I really wouldn’t recommend you to buy any of this. Usually they’re not valid at weekends and after midnigh, but only during weekdays, where ladies get free entry anyway without having to pay for it.

When it comes to the free drink-coupons and wristbands handed out to girls by club representatives, it’s a different case. If you are going out on a weekday, don’t go directly to the line but scan the area for promoters first. Maybe you’re lucky and get free vodka all night.


Signing up on the guest list is usually free and sometimes means that you can enter a shorter line, get free entry and in some cases even free drinks. However, everything depends on whether those guys in the door guarding that velvet rope thinks it’s worth it. Usually they do, if you’re a bunch of girls, so leave your male friends at home.

You’ll find the guest list on the clubs’ websites, but it’s also a good idea to check out sites such as freevegasclubpasses.com and spyonvegas.com.


Like in most other bigger cities in USA, the clubs in Las Vegas have promoters. Promoters often represent several clubs and their job is to get all the right kind of people to show up in the clubs. I’ll not go deeper into the definition of “right” but just make it clear that most girls in high heels qualify. The biggest promoters have their own website and profiles on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find one.

Getting in touch with a good promoter is crucial, and promoters don’t like, when you shop around. Be loyal to them and they’ll do their best to get you the best deals.

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