Las Vegas: Light but no Alesso – My 4th of July

by Sanne
Light nightclub, Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas

After our pizza dinner at Sirrico’s, we met with T (one of J’s friends) and went to the nightclub Light at Mandalay Bay. 4th of July is really big in Las Vegas and most of the nightclubs had guest performances by celebrity DJs. Alesso was playing at Light, and J was really eager to see him live, which is why we ended up at Light. I had never been to the club before, but I had only heard nice things about it.

While I was impressed by the cool, arena-like layout of the club and the DJ, who skillfully mixed his way through the night, the crowd was a bit..hmm..how do I put it? Unsophisticated?

The guys-to-girls ratio was much too high for my liking, considering that quite a lot of the guys were rather sleazy too, and took advantage of the crowded conditions of the dance floor. T and I therefore left rather early and missed Alesso, who was playing later that evening.

Such a shame. With a nicer crowd, Light would have been amazing. Would like to give it a try another night, when it’s less packed.

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