Madrid: Reina Sofia – My kind of art

by Sanne
Reina Sofia, Madrid

My last visit to Reina Sofia was almost 10 years ago. I was in Madrid with my friend Tina, and we had been out the night before, so our visit was severely affected by our post-party condition. Guernica (a famous painting by Picasso) induced a near-vomiting experience, and I think I saw more of the museum’s restrooms than the exhibitions.

This time it was different, and I spent more than two hours in the beautiful surroundings. You aren’t allowed to take photos on the Guernica floor, which I think is great. Nothing spoils the experience of art as selfie-sticks. I also don’t really get why people would want to take selfies in museums? Sorry, but that Dali painting looks so much better without your face in the front.

Guernica on the 2nd floor is intriguing, but this time, it was the figurines from Das Triadische Ballet (Oscar Schlemmer), which really caught my attention. I could have stared at that installation for days. Not sure if it’s part of the permanent collection or if it’s just a temporary exhibition?

I sometimes get bored at museums, but Reina Sofia is a really amazing place. Time just flew, and after a while, I needed a break from all the impressions, so I headed to the Nouvel Rooftop Terrace on top of Reina Sofia’s Nouvel building. You have the most beautiful view of the city up there, and it was almost empty. Just me and a cool animal sculpture.

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