Las Vegas: Marquee on a Monday

Marquee Las Vegas

Yesterday, we went to Marquee and we had the most epic night out, which we’re paying for today in terms of sore feet and the hangover from hell. The cure: room service and real coke in red cans.

Marquee was so much fun! There’s a room, Boom Box Room dedicated to hip hop, and even though I usually never dance, yesterday was an exception. The music the dj was playing just ticked all the boxes, especially the Jay-Z one. We had free admission and free drinks in the beginning of the evening, so it didn’t take long before we got completely wasted a little tipsy. I managed to lose AC several times during the evening, and we both swear that we saw Psy. I’m not kidding, I’m sure it was him!

I’m usually not a fan of clubs so big you’ll need a GPS to find your way around, but Marquee is an exception. One of the newest and hottest clubs in town, Marquee thrills the crowd with several, differently themed dance floors, a large pool area and an ambience so achingly hip that you soon forget you’re partying in a city located in the middle of the desert.

My favorite room was the Boom Box (hip hop room), but other nice places to hang out included the laid-back outdoor pool bar and The Library, which is one stair up. If you’re looking for somewhere to dance all night to the latest club tunes, then head for the main room, which is also the place where the frequent guest DJ-performances takes place.

While we were away from each other, we also sent a bunch of texts back and forth. They made completely sense back then, but when we read through the messages today, it’s impossible to see, what we actually wrote.

Anyway, today we’re both feeling miserable, so I’ll turn off the computer and try to get some rest. Lesson learned: Never underestimate Monday nights.

Marquee is the party hotspot in Las Vegas right now, so the lines outside can be discouragingly long. Try to arrive early and be prepared to wait, even if you’re on the guest list. If you’re a group of girls only, sometimes talking to the bouncers can get you in faster. Even though Marquee is huge, it is always crowded, and if you haven’t purchased bottle service (read more about that here), your chances of finding a place to sit down are close to non-existent.

• Drinks are expensive ($15-20) but the times I’ve been to Marquee, ladies have had free drinks until 23:00. I’m not really sure why, as it wasn’t announced anywhere.

• Marquee is infamous for all the stairs you have to climb to exit and enter the place, so wear your most comfortable pair of heels and be ready for some late nigh fitness.

• In the summer, Marquee also has a very popular dayclub.

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Marquee at The Cosmopolitan, The Strip, Las Vegas

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